22 JULY 1882, Page 3

An attempt was made on Tuesday to put Mr. Bradlaugh

on a Committee of the House of Commons appointed to consider the Agricultural Tenants Compensation Bill, and it was shown, • as a precedent, that Baron Rothschild. was appointed on one of the Committees of the House, though he had not been allowed by the House to take his seat, in consequence of his inability to take the prescribed oath on the true faith of a Christian. Mr. Whitbread objected that, if Mr. Bradlaugh was put on the committee, it would be within the competence of the committee to appoint him to act as chairman, in which case he would be called upon to present the report to the House, "and the House would stultify itself." To this, Mr. S. Hill replied that the very same objection was made in the case of Baron Rothschild, but that Baron Rothschild was made a member of the Committee in spite of the objection. The House, however, rejected Mr. Labouchere's motion, by 120 votes against 35. The general feel- ing seems to be that, Mr. Bradlaugh being what he is, no sort of justice of any kind is due to him. It seems to us that the aversion in which the House very rightly holds Mr. Bradlaugh's principles, ought to inspire them with the most earnest desire to treat him with all the fairness due to a regularly-elected Member.