22 JULY 1905, Page 1

The German Government is said not to be entirely con-

tented with the result of its diplomacy in regard to the Moroccan affair. It achieved a victory, no doubt, and the other day Prince Billow was received on board the Emperor's yacht with honours which suggested that he had been victor in a great campaign fought for the Fatherland. Nevertheless, the Government would have liked to see their advances to Spain more warmly responded to, the Spaniards having announced that they adhere to their agreements with Great Britain and France, and are much disgusted by the honours paid to the British Fleet at Brest. Cordiality such as was displayed there indicates that the entente is a reality, and while it lasts the combined Fleets represent a mass of power which even Germany must take into consideration. It is not good policy to drive your possible enemies into alliance, and Berlin is a little afraid that when Germans perceive that, their confidence in the astuteness of their War Lord may be diminished. The slowly spreading feeling in France that the Republic has submitted to menace rather than fight is perhaps a still more regrettable result of recent events from the German point of view, for it reawakens the zeal of French- men to bring their Army up to its highest possible strength, not for aggression, but for defence. Bluffing seldom pays in the long run.