22 JULY 1905, Page 13

"a candid expression of opinion" by a reviewer will entail

on the proprietors of the paper in which such expression appears the risk of "heavy damages." The writer ignores entirely the fact that the Punch review stood markedly in contrast with Punch notices generally in its manifest bias and spleen. No one who read it at the time could fail to see the motive which prompted it, or equally that it was not cricket. " The ball should be bowled—not jerked or thrown." No reviewer who made his " review " a channel for conveying his own personal grudge against an author. ought to be sheltered by general principles applicable only to cases of fair play, and to talk of a "conspiracy of silence" as the only alternative to such an attack as that indulged in by "Toby, M.P.," is really

nonsense.—I am, Sir, &c., F. M. CURRAN. Fulwood Club, Victoria Road, near Preston.

[To THE EDITOR Or Tee "SpicarATort."]