22 JULY 1905, Page 2

On Tuesday at the Foreign Office Mr. Balfour presided at

a specially summoned meeting of Unionist Members. The Prime Minister's primary object was to justify to his party his conduct on the Redistribution proposals. He declared that he saw no disadvantage from the Speaker's decision, and announced that a Bill on the subject would be brought in early next Session, while a Commission would be appointed in the autumn to report on the Government proposals. He had brought forward the Resolution, he explained, in order to sound the opinion of the House and obtain publicity for the question, and he made it clear that the Government would not hold themselves bound to the policy they had tentatively suggested. The Commission, apparently, will be a non-party one, and will invite the co-operation of the Opposition. Mr. Balfour also pointed out to his party that they must not relax their efforts till the end of the Session, since their Opponents would always be on the look out for a chance of 'a ca. tch division. At the same meeting Mr. Chamberlain matt)

one significant announcement. He said that a few months ago he had been in favour of an early Dissolution, but he was now of opinion that, since the proper psychological moment had been allowed to pass, it would be a great mistake to dissolve Parliament at present.