22 JULY 1905, Page 22

Lives of the English Martyrs Declared Blessed by Pope Leo

XIII. By Dom Bede Camm, O.S.B., and others. Vol. II., "Martyrs under Queen Elizabeth." (Burns and Oates. 7s. 6d. net.)— The "Lives" of this volume begin with "John Felton, Lay- man." If John Felton's claim is passed, the others follow as a matter of course. But how about Felton ? Lingard manifestly was far from admiring him, and indeed a hundred years ago his beatification would have seemed out of the question. We do not intend to discuss the matter ; but one question may be allowed. Why " Queen Elizabeth " in the title of this second volume ? If she was a Queen, Felton was a rebel and no martyr. If she was a Pretender, as he asserted with his last breath, why does Dom Bede Camm describe her as " Queen" ?