22 JULY 1905, Page 22

The Calvert Scientific Exploring Expedition. Compiled by J. G. Hill.

(G. Philip and Son. 2s.)—Australia is divided into two approximately equal portions by longitude 135 deg. Fehr. It is in the eastern half of this that the main part of the territory lay which the Calvert Expedition set out to explore. It accomplished something of its object, but not nearly all, the chief cause being the misplacement of the Johanna Springs, or possibly their failure,—which it was seems to be still unknown. Anyhow, the expedition had to return, with two members who had made an exploring excursion missing. It is with the search for these two that this book is chiefly occupied, and it is a tragic story. In the end it turned out that the two must have perished before the search began. One significant detail of the story is that for some months two bodies were supposed to be the remains of the explorers. The mistake was discovered when the real objects of the search were found ; but the two bodies were never identified. Probably many such have perished unnoticed in the inhospitable interior of the great island.