22 JULY 1905, Page 22

The Improvement of London Traffic. By C. S. Meik and

Walter Beer. (P. S. King and Son. 3s. 3d.) —This paper, read on June 5th before the Society of Engineers, takes away one's breath. Regu- lation of traffic cannot, in the authors' judgment, suffice to meet the evil of congestion. We must have new "main avenues" and new "first-class roads." With these must be new tramways and railroads. The scheme, set forth in detail and illustrated with maps, is a great effort of the imagination which may or may not be practicable. Whether or not it is, is more than we can say in a hasty notice. Nor can we deal with the question of finance. The authors think that tho scheme will not ultimately increase the rates, but that it will be self-supporting, and even, in the end, remunerative. One thing, however, is clear : that there wilrbe a great hostility of vested interests. Locomotive facilities are to be provided, as has been said. That will touch many pockets.