22 JULY 1905, Page 3

On Thursday night the Government were defeated in the Commons

in a division on a Motion by Mr. Redmond to reduce the vote for the Irish Land Commission. There voted for the Government 196, and against 199, Ministers thus being placed in a minority of 3. It might have been expected that Mr. Balfour would at once have declared that be should take no notice of a "snap " vote on a hot July night, but would bring up the matter for reconsideration, when no doubt he would be able to show his normal majority. Instead, how- ever, he announced that he would take till Monday, and that not till then would the Government's decision as to resigna- tion or a reconsideration of the vote be given. We presume that the Government will not resign ; but after the party meeting at the Foreign Office their defeat is a great humilia- tion, and it is possible that they may consider that if these things are done in July, something worse is likely to occur in August.