22 MAY 1993, Page 24

Disgusted and proud

Sir: I am writing to express my absolute dis- gust at Charles Moore's malicious diatribe in the 15 May issue of The Spectator (Another voice). It seems that there is some sort of competition going on between certain journalists, who give their profes- sion a bad name, as to which of them can come up with the nastiest, most spiteful thing to say about the Prime Minister. They should be ashamed of themselves; all these vindictive and unpleasant sneers bear as much resemblance to the truth as if Mother Teresa were to be denounced as evil.

I both like Mr Major and greatly admire and respect him. He is a man of extraordi- nary ability and outstanding personal quali- ties. Far from being embarrassed, I am extremely proud to have him as our Prime Minister: we could not possibly have a bet- ter one.

Lois Blythe

21 Masharn Court, Shaw Lane, Headingley, Leeds, W.Yorkshire