22 MAY 1993, Page 25

A moderate proposal

Sir: Mr Parfitt, the environmental health officer who wants to send a publican to jail for smoking a pipe, is a symbol of every- thing that is wrong with England. It is not enough to say that these health officers are a waste of money and should be sacked; they should be tortured and killed as well. They are worse than animals.

We should drag them from their homes and necklace them, Soweto-style. We should let down their car tyres and hit them with sticks. We should waylay their children as they walk to school, call them names, beat them up and steal their dinner money, to show our disapproval. And we should set dogs on them, too.

I'm going to throw rocks at Mr Parfitt's house. Would any Spectator readers like to join me?

M.J. Bristow

34 Meadow View, Marlow, Buckinghamshire