23 AUGUST 1856, Page 20



Partnerships .Dissolved.-Seeley and Payne, Elm Street, Gray's Inn Road, piano- forte-makers-Thornton and Co. Liverpool, grocers; as far as regards T. Meacock -Creighton and Son, Carlisle, upholsterers-Lewis and Co. Newport, Monmouth- shire, ship-brokers-The Llysnewydd Brick Company-Hinton and Hanntun, Gresham Place, Brixton, drapers-Brockell and Co. New Bond Street, hosiers- Newton, Gordon, Cossart, and co. Madeira, and Cossart, Gordon, and Co. London; as far as regards R. M. Gordon—Jones and llowells, Oldbury, stone-masons—Lea and (Allard, Thorne, Yorkshire, surgeons—Holt and Chew, Rochdale, waste-spinners- Roberts and Co. Ellesmere, mercers—Jones and Co. Birmingham, iron-founders - Walker and Co. Sheffield, iron-founders—Thomas and Co. Liverpool, tailors ; as far as regards R. Small—Capper and Co. Aldermanbury, agents—Gough and Moulton, Bridgewater, ship-builders—Hammond and Co. Yeovil, glove-manufacturers—Har- greaves and Farrow, Manchester, flag-merchants—Shaw and Woodhouse, Hudders- field, cloth-dressers—Pickard and Co. Leeds, linen-drapers. Bankrupts.-JOSErn Wn.r.soN, High Street, Kingsland, painter, to surrender Aug. 26, Oct. 9: solicitor, Chidley, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Carman, Aldermanbury.

Wrs.mair FIELD, Princes Street, Westminster, printer, Aug.30, Oct. 3 : solicitors, Reed and Co. Friday Street ; official assignee, Carman, Aldermanbury.

JOHN Dean, Strand, stationer, Aug. 30, Oct. 3 : solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street. ANDREW Lamm, St. John Street Road, baker, Sept. 1, Oct. 10 : solicitor, Old- know, Guildford Place, Foundling Hospital; official assignee, Nicholson, Basing- hall Street. JOSEPH BAlLNBLET, Rowley Regis, publican, and New Town, Worcestershire, gas- tube-manufacturer, Sept. 1, 29: solicitors, Homfray, Halesowen ; Hodgson and Allen, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham. Jorcr Jorussos, Stafford, chemist, Aug. 29, Sept. 18 : solicitors, Creswell, Walsall ; James, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham. EVAN ROBERTS, Llanelly, coal-miner, Sept. 2, 30: solicitor, Trenerry, Bristol; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol. JANES TRuscarr, Aberystwith, watch-maker, Sept. 2, 30 : solicitors, Britten and Sons, Bristol; official assignee, Miller, Bristol. RICHARD Ecci.sas and JOHN Nirrrau., Tottington Lower End, Lancashire, cotton- spinners, Sept. 4, 19 : solicitors, Crossland, Bury ; Higson and Robinson, Man- chester; official assignee, Hernaman, Manchester. WILL/All JASPER CAPPER, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, commission-agent, Aug. 28, Oct. 3: solicitors, Hodge and Harle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Ihridends.-Sept. 11, Allen and Cockson, Manchester, Italian warehousemen— Sept. 11, Healey, Preston, timber-merchant. Certificates to be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of ,seeting.—Sept. 16, Phillips, Cardiff, provision-merchant--Sept. 11, Griffiths, Abe- reirch, Carnarvonshire, draper—Sept. 11, Neale and Co. Liverpool, hollow-ware- manufacturers—Oct. 2, Lowe, Wolverhampton, manufacturing chemist—Oct. 2, M`Millan, Wolverhampton, publican—Oct. 21, Rippingale, Newark-upon-Trent, frock-manufacturer.

Scotch Sequestrations.-W. and G. Telfer, Glasgow, wine-merchants, Aug. 29— Ferric, Glasgow, underwriter, Aug. 27—Stewart, Lochee, quarry-master, Aug. 27— Muir, Glasgow, glass-merchant, Aug. 28.


Partnerships Dissolved.-Price and Son, Bisliopsgate Street Without, cheese- mongers—Stafford and Co. Buckingham Street, Strand, attorneys—Hodges and Co. Manchester, fancy-small-ware-manufacturers ; as far as regards J. Ellis—Henty and Upperton, Worthing, bankers—M`Dermott and Jones, Liverpool, boot-makers- Lund and Co. Manchester, commission-agents—Toothill and Platt, Manchester, yarn-agents--Firth and Co. Mannin'ham, Yorkshire, plasterers ; as far as regards Firth—Marsden and Smith, Oldham, cotton-spinners—J. and W. G. Cox, Yeo- vil, painters—Blaydes and Co. Liverpool, ship-brokers—Pepper and Hammond, Woolwich, drapers—Walsh and Windley, Nottingham, silk-throwsters—Roylanee and Hewitt, Stockport, cotton-heald-manufacturers—Hey and Stead, Bradford, Yorkshire, wheel-wrights—Nixon and Co. Regent Street, and York Buildings, Adelphi, workers of a patent for improved modes of attaching rudders to floating vessels—Cowley and Co. Walsall, gas-tube-manufacturers—Hunter and Co. Manchester, tea-dealers—Dearneley and Tidswell, Halifax, dyers—Sped- ding and Co. Battley Carr, scribbling-millers ; as far as regards J. Hud- son, J. Newsome junior, and J. Ward junior—Dyson and Co. Honley, York- shire, grocers ; as far as regards B. Haigh and G. Itoebuck—Horrocks and Norris, Manchester, and Hayfield, calico-printers—King and Tompsett, Mayfield, Sussex, attorneys—F. and E. Corder, South Shields, drapers—W. and T. Brook, Almond- bury, Yorkshire, joiners—Leach and Maguire, Liverpool, provision-merchants—J. and J. Bridle, Canning Place, Old Street, timber-dealers.

Bankrupts.-EDWARD Coon, Norwich, miller, to surrender Sept. 5, Oct. 10 soli- citors, Chilton and Burton, Chancery Lane ; official assignee, Cannan, Alderman- bury.

WALTER Roemer JOHNSON, Adelaide Chambers, Gracechurch Street, merchant, Sept. 5, Oct. 10: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official as- signee, Cannon, Aldermanbury. JANES HAWKINS, Wealwich, corn-dealer, Aug. 30, Oct. 10: solicitor, Colquhoun, Woolwich ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basingliall Street. ALFRED Eviss, Judd Place West, New Road, flour-factor, Sept. 8, Oct. 11: soli- citor, Selby, Coleman Street ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers. Caesium EDWARD DAVIS, Upper Thames Street, grocer, Sept. 1, Oct. 10 : solicitor, Chidley, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers.

k'esaamarcor WioNmr, Brighton, printer, Sept. 8, Oct. 14: solicitors, Linklater and Hackwood, Sise Lane ; Sole and Co. Aldermanbury ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street.

ALFRED SIDNEY Snrrn, Walsall, iron-founder, Sept. 5, 25: solicitors, Duignant and Hemmant, Walsall ; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham. Wtramix SHEPPARD JONES, Tredegar, Monmouthshire, grocer, Sept. 2, 30 : soli- citors, Bevan and Girling, Bristol; official assignee, Miller, Bristol. FREDERICK Bear IdeeDoNaLD, Bridgewater, corn-dealer, Sept. 1, 29: solicitors, King, Bristol; Poole, Bridgewater ; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol. MARY ANNE APLETREE, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, inn-keeper, 'Sept. 1, 29: solicitors, Bevan and Girling, Bristol ; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol.

Rosser Emiorr, Blyth, Northumberland, draper, Aug. 29, Oct. 7: solicitor, Story, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Fria:vas Low= and HENRY GARDNER, Wellington, Somersetshire, manufacturers, Sept. 4, Oct. 9: solicitors, Davie, Wellington ; Stogdon, Exeter ; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter.

Salami and EDWIN BLACKBURN, Little Gomersal, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturers, Sept. 5, Oct. 14 : solicitors, Carr, Gomersal; Blackburn, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds. Janes BLANKARN, Tetney, Lincolnshire, grocer, Sept. 3, 24 : solicitors, Ingoldby and Bell, Louth ; official assignee, Carrick, Hull, SARAH Bsatow, Macclesfield, victualler, Sept. 3, 24 : solicitor, Higginbotham, Macclesfield ; official assignee, Hernaman, Manchester.

Dicidends.-Sept. 18, Capper, Montpellier Vale, Blackheath, chemist—Sept. 17, Hirschberg, Cheapside, merchant—Sept. 17, Poland and Meredith, Bread Street, Cheapside, furriers—Sept.12, Binns and Co. Birstal, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturers —Sept. 12, Shaw, Halifax, worsted-spinner—Sept. 12, Oldfleld and Co. Hudders- field, woollen-cloth-merchants--Sept. 12, Haldane, Leeds, corn-factor—Sept. 13, Jenkinson, Ecclesfield, paper-manufacturer. Certificates to be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of meeting.-Sept. 16, Stuart and Kennett, Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, tailors— Sept. 15, Hudson, Southampton Street, Strand, ship-broker—Sept. 17, Dickenson, Cosham, Portsmouth, victualler—Sept. 17, Kemp, Abingdon, grocer—Sept. 17, Wat- kins, Irongate Wharf, Paddington, brick-maker—Sept. 13, Browne, Grosvenor Street, Bond Street, and Charlton, Kent, wine-merchant—Sept. 12, Schroollinger, Grace- church Street, tavern-keeper--Sept. 12, Wood, Wells Street, South Hackney, grocer Sept. 13, Lovelock and Foster, Dowgate Hill, and Streatham, indiarubber-manufac- taxers.

Scotch Sequestration.-Low, Edinburgh, accountant, Sept. 2.