23 AUGUST 1856, Page 9



There has been a diminution in the demand for money this week, now worth about 34 per cent on Government Securities. Small amounts of gold-from the recent arrivals have been deposited at the Bank almost daily ; but the effect on the Funds has been counteracted through an unfavourable change in the weather. There is still a thin attendance of members on the Stock Exchange, and the operations have been very limited. Consols have been 1 lower, and have been alternately buyers and sellers at i951' today they leave off at 96k 4, and 954 for Account. Bank and India Stocks are without alteration ; Exchequer Bills 2s. better.

Owing to the heavy rain, some fears were entertained yesterday that the Bank would raise the rate of discount. The Corn-market has advanced 4s. this week.

Dulness continues on the Paris Bourse, and the Funds have declined 4. The demand for gold for the Continent is very.. active. The greater part of 244,000/. received from Australia this week is likely to be sent thither, chiefly to the Credit Mobilier at Paris, for transmission to Vienna towards payments for the purchase of Austrian Railways. There have been Urge arrivals of five-franc pieces from France, for shipment to India. The shipments of specie by the Pent amounted to 516,5801. ; of this, 499,060/. was in silver. From the West Indies 325,0001. has been received.

In Foreign Stocks there has been little doing : the leading securities have on the average been maintained. Danish Three and Peruvian Four-and-a- half per Cents are 1 better. Spanish and Buenos Ayres are 4, and Turkish Six per Ceuta lower. One half of a dividend on Buenos Ayres Stock has been announced on the coupon due the 12th of July 1829.

In Railways, there have not been many transactions, owing to the dul- ness in the English Funds : there was a decline of 5s. to 15s. on Monday ; latterly they have shown a little more firmness. Great Western Shares, notwithstanding the low rate of dividend, are held with great tenacity by the proprietors ; and the Shares being scarce,. the speculators for a fall are generally borrowers on settling-days at apremium of 2s. 6d. for the accom- modation : they are 1/. better this week. The following also have advanced -Lancaster and Carlisle, 21. ; Bristol and Exeter, 11. ; South-Eastern, 10s. ; Midland, 5s. The North-Eastern lines are lower-namely, York, 11. ; Berwick, 10s. London and North-Western, London, Brighton, and South Coast, and London and South-Western, are the same as last week. In Fo- reign Shares, Indian lines have been steady. Great Central of France 11., Paris and Lyons 108., Great Western of Canada 5s., lower.


The English Funds are stationary this morning at the quotations of yes- terday; Consols for Money being 951 4 and for Account 95f 1. Exchequer Bills 11 14 premium. There is a decrease in the bullion return by the Bank of England-39,3211. In Foreign Stocks, Dutch Four per Cents are 1 better ; they are now 97 9. Railways are rather steady-Bristol and

Exeter, 96; Caledonian, 56}; Eastern Counties, 94; Lancashire and York- shire, 981 North-Eastern Extension, 191.

3 per Cent Consols

Ditto for Account

954 Dutch 24 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents

64 6

97 9 3 per Cent Reduced 95 Mexican 3 per Cents 294 3 New 3 per Cents

98 i

Peruvian 44 per Cents

82 4 Long Annuities

Ditto 3 per Cents 57 9 Bank Stock 2111 184 Portuguese 4 per Cents 49 51 Exchequer Bills 11 1 pm. Russian 5 per Cents 111 13 India Stock 233 6 Ditto 44 per Cents

98 100

Austrian 5 per Cents 87 90 Spanish 3 per Cents 444 5 Brazilian 5 per Cents 101 3 Ditto Deferred 241 54 Belgian 44 per Cents 97 9 Sardinian 5 per Cents 91 3 Chili= 6 per Cents 104 6 Swedish 4 per Cents 85 8 Danish 5 per Cents 103 5 Turkish 6 per Cents 1034 4 Danish Spa Cents

84 6

Ditto 4 per Cents Guarateed . 1034 44


The Great Northern Company's report shows that the revenue account for the half-year ending 30th of June amounted to 567,8391. ; the expenses to 302,5891.; balance' 265,2501., being 34,2971. more than at the same period of 1855. The available sum is 84,3031. It IfilTarsed to pay a dividend at

the rate of 31 per cent per annum on the 0 Stock, 3/. 10s. per cent for the half-year on the B Stock, and leave 1 1.

Mr. Waddington having intimated his intention to retire after the next half-yearly meeting of the Eastern Counties Company, on the 29th, a Com- mittee has been appointed for securing the election of the Honourable E. T. Yorke M.P. as Chairman. The report of the Directors states that the re- ceipts have been 628,9391. ; the expenses 463,4161. ; after deducting the numerous payments which have to be made, there is a disposable balance of 32,634/. This will admit of a dividend of 2s. per share, and leave 34661. ; but the Board have considered it desirable not to declare any dividend with- out the authority of the proprietors, because at the two previous meetings the dividends were accepted by the holders while refusing to pass the ac- counts.

The report of the North-Eastern Company presents an increase of 33,7691. in the receipts compared with the same period last year, and a d;.•crease of 10,373/. in the working expenses. The dividends proposed are at the rate of 4 per cent per annum on the Berwick Stock and Shares, and 21 per cent per annum on the York Stock and Shares, with balances of 87651. and 6112/. to be carried forward to the credit of the respective accounts.

The Hull and Selby Company held their meeting last Saturday. In the report for the half-year there was a balance of 32,6421. in their favour; the dividends declared were 21. 9s. on the 601. shares, and a proportionate amount on the smaller shares.

At the half-yearly meeting of the Midland Company, at Derby, on Wed- nesday, the Directors were authorized to borrow 200,0001. The report was adopted. A dividend at the rate of 4 per cent per annum will be paid OR the 1st of September.

The South-Eastern Company at their half-yearly meeting will recom- mend a dividend of 98. 6c1. per 301. share ; which, with the payment of 13s. 3d. last half-year, is at the rate of 31. 158. 10d. per cent per annum.

The Ottoman Bank intend to open branches at Smyrna and Beyrout : to provide the necessary funds a call of 61. per share has been made. The Directors announce that they have under their consideration the proposal of the Turkish Government to establish an Imperial Bank, which it is open for the Ottoman Bank to undertake if it should think proper to change its character.

The dividend of the English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered Bank, for the last six months, will be at the rate of 4 per cent per annum. The bank has suffered greater losses than were expected at the period of the last report.

The Flag-Mills Company, with a capital of 100,0001., propose to promote the cultivation of flax by erecting mills for the fabrication of the fibre in the localities where it is grown. The great impediment to the growth of flax at home is the want of facilities for the disposal of the straw.

The National Savings-Bank Association-with a commencing capital of 10,0001.-proposes to create an independent savings-bank, which, with a capital to serve as a guarantee to depositors, shall give a greater amount of interest than the Government savings-banks.

The Bank of Toronto, which has 200,0001. of its capital taken up in Canada, offers shares for 100,0001. to English capitalists.

The Customs authorities have promptly granted the request of a number of merchants and given permission for the bonding of teas in private wharves that are fitted for the purpose.

Of the 36,680 quarters of foreign wheat offered in Mark Lane on Monday, more than 21,000 were from St. Petersburg.

It is stated that Messrs. Rothschild have obtained a concession for a rail- way in Russia 4000 verstes in length, with a Government guarantee of 5 per cent.

There is a report that the Russian Government is in treaty for the pur- chase of the splendid fleet of the General Screw Steam Company.

CRYSTAL PALACE.-Beturn of admissions for six days ending Friday August 22, including season-ticket-holders, 38,474.