23 FEBRUARY 1940, Page 20


Sm,—Mr. Harold Nicolson's comments on present trends of thought in America are disquieting enough, but her actions with regard to Finland are• surely a good deal more disquiet- ing. After a first blaze of humanitarian idealism and sympathy with Finland she has steadily receded from the practical form which that sympathy was to take. However much we may desire to retain the friendship and good will of America, no good purpose is served by ignoring the fact that the Red armies are threatening to batter their way through the Manner- heim line and killing thousands of Finns with war material largely bought from America. More than one-fourth of Russia's imports for 1939 came from the U.S.A. There is no need to go into the nature and purpose of these imports. They are very well known. The heroic Finns are sending out a trumpet-call to the world to choose between freedom and faith on the one hand and fear and greed on the other. As far as America and Sweden are concerned, the answer seems too