23 FEBRUARY 1940, Page 20


Sta,—Most decisions in life involve the weighing of considera- tions, each of value. In one scale stands Canterbury Cathedral, serene and unharmed, its stonework and its organ needing con- stain care and expenditure on the part of its Friends. In the other scale lie the blazing homes and public buildings of Finland, as dear to them, being part of their own proud, independent national life, as are our own to us. No one who, like myself, has lately visited Helsinki, can fail to picture them at this moment. Indeed, will even blazing buildings matter,

compared with the fate of human beings, if and when the Russians force their way into the country? The Dean of Canterbury has expressed no public condemnation of the action of Russia : accordingly I felt bound, as a member of a society of which he is chairman, to make as effective a protest as seemed to me possible by resigning.


3 Amen Corner, St. Paul's, E.G. 4.