23 FEBRUARY 1940, Page 21

SIR,—These letters from anti-Dean church-going Tories give me the greatest

pleasure. Just think of it, there is actually a Dean in the Church of England who thinks it is fundamentally right for a great people to own all things in common. What- ever are we coming to?

I wonder if these good people ever consider what church- going Liberals and Socialists have to put up with? No doubt men will argue until the end of time about the expediency of the Munich agreement. But surely no one will now seriously deny that it was a piece of immorality. We knew this on October 2nd, 1938, and yet on that day we had to listen to almost every pulpit in the land extol that agreement and its author as the. gift of God.

None of us resigned. None of us threatened to withdraw our subscriptions from the Friends of Something or Other. We just seem to take it for granted that the great bulk of the Church will support Toryism. Perhaps that is why the Church is in such a poor way.—Yours sincerely,