23 FEBRUARY 1940, Page 21


Sut,—Here is a fundamental and very practical question which seems to be worth debating in your correspondence columns. Ours being, happily, a "free country," its citizens enjoy Free Speech and a Free Press. Are we, or are we not, logical in extending these advantages to political workers on behalf of ideologies which include the doctrine of the necessity of the suppression of Free Speech and Free Press, and which, when- ever they are accepted as the basis of government, do lead to that (instant and total) suppression?

Personally, I should say that we are neither logical nor wise —that Freedom transgresses its logical limits and the limits of wisdom when it is extended to the opponents of Freedom. I think that at present, from our love of Freedom we endanger Freedom. But I would like to see the subject thoroughly dis- cussed by others wiser than myself.—Your faithfully, PERCY A. SCHOLES. Cornaux, press Chamby sur Montreux, Switzerland.