23 JUNE 1860, Page 2

From India, the most important fact yet announced—and its importance

can scarcely be exaggerated—is the adhesion of Na- tive artthorities to Mr. Wilson's plan of taxation. The Maha- rajah orDnrdwan was one of the first, not only to accept the new system, ut to declare the Cornwallis settlement does not forbid it, and to offer his active support for Mr. Wilson's " ad- mirable syeteiti." Indeed, the whole Presidency of Bengal, to- gether .0.74—the dependencies of the Punjaub and the North- westerr. 111rovitic,es; 'are said to have pronounced definitively in favour of the scheme. If these statements are a plain reflection of fact, and not simply of the official wish, they appear to deter- mine the question.