23 JUNE 1860, Page 2

If Italian affairs are becoming in some respects more compli-

cated, their general tendency and ultimate result look clearer lily, even Garibaldi is organizing his new Government in and all the Communes have declared in favour of the an- nexation to the Crown of Victor Emmanuel. The fact derives double importance from the other fact, that the Western Powers ad absolutely declined to interfere in Sicily, and Austria dares not interfort . Dares not, we say; because the recent discovery of secret correspondence shows that, notwithstanding her pro- fessions and pledges, she had been in some kind of speculative communication with the Governments of Naples and Rome, in order more or less covertly to supply reinforcements. 2 This fact throws some doubt upon the explanation offered of 'military movements in Venetia. There has been a much greater `• show of arms on the frontier ; the consequence, it is said, of • " reductions" which Austria has been carrying on since the 'peace of Yillafranca, in order to cut down expenditure. We have before seen the peculiar liability of Austrian reductions :and removals to bring about a great concentration of arms on -particular points.

In Naples, the Government is professedly preparing a " con- ' stitution," and for that purpose it is said to be getting up " military manifestations "—a sort of " coup d'etat " ostensibly against itself, but actually against the national party in the kingdom! This is a strange method of reform ; and, coupled with the disgrace of Lanza, Letizia, and other generals in Sicily, for their failure in defeating the National party, it proves how little sincerity has yet dawned upon the mind of Ring Francis the Second.