23 JUNE 1860, Page 2

The coiebrition of the two-hundredth anniversary of the Guards is

a striking incident, bringing out the Prince Consort in his military' character, and showing a privileged corps to the best advantage. The Guards have done good service in their day, mid lung may they remain to do more. We say so without abating one jot of our reiterated demands for the abolition of mi- lker privileges. It is claimed for the Guards that they represent the British army as it exists, because they are the oldest regi- 111111Wr • Bat :the real founder of the British army was Oliver Cialwell—the first in England to create an army worthy of the name. Several Line Regiments have a longer pedigree than the Guards, virtually though not technically ; and if that were not so, still Cromwell would remain the real creator of the British army.

Today the Volunteers assemble in Hyde Park to be reviewed by the Queen. All the week has been devoted to preparation ; and from what we have seen, the thousands who will be drawn up across the Park this afternoon will be a fair representation of the blood and bone, the intelligence, the loyalty, and the high spirit of the British nation.