23 JUNE 1860, Page 21

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This collection, the property of Mr. Edmund Higginson, and formed by him at his seat near Bromyard in Herefordshire' from which the gallery takes its name, seems doomed to be dispersed by Messrs. Christie and Manson. Some fifteen years ago Mr. Higgins= took fright at an escape from fire which threatened his then very choice and extensive collection, and determined to dispose of the most important pictures. The sale by the Messrs. Christie will long be remembered in connexion with that of the pictures of Mr. Wells, of Redleaf, and some other col- lections of less note, all of which showed the very high marketable value attached to the old masters at that time. The Saltmarshe pic- tures then sold brought very high prices. The celebrated Murillo, "Adoration of the Shepherds, was then purchased by the Marquis of Hertford for 3500 guineas. A Rubens "Holy Family" sold for 2000 guineas ; and other works fetched equally large sums, amongst which, we remember a very small Metzu-a kitten sitting on a brass kettle turned out to dry, while the housewife seems busy inside her cottage-one of the most highly-finished little gems ever seen, which realized 300 guineas. The total proceeds of the sale were about 55,000!. The pictures sold on Saturday were in number only forty-six, but they brought 10,3711. On comparing the prices, however, with those which are commonly obtained now for modern pictures, we are inclined to think the works of the old masters have fallen in value as much as the moderns have risen.

The following are some of the more noticeable pictures sold. A landscape by Cuyp, No. 177 in Smith's catalogue, sixty-six by forty- seven inches. "The Departure for the Chase," a lady on a white horse, with a gentleman, supposed to be the Prince of Orange, on a black hunter, with dogs and the château in the distance. A very fine morning effect, and a grand example of the master, sold for 550 guineas. Another magnificent Cupp-also a morning scene with a cavalier on a white horse, and other figures, sixty-two by thirty-eight inches, formerly in Mr. J. Knight's collection, sold for 1500 guineas. A boar hunt- " Atalanta and Meleager "-a forest scene painted in the boldest style of Bubens. This picture once belonged to Lady Stuart, and is engraved by Bolswert ; it is No. 275 in Smith's catalogue. The sum of 240 guineas was a very moderate estimate of its value. A Wouvermans-" Sacking of a Village" the picture mentioned, No. 257 Smith's catalogue, on panel twenty-four and a half by sixteen and three-quarter inches, sold for 500 guineas. A Hobbima-' View of Haerlem Wood with horsemen," from the royal collection Copenhagen, No. 80, Smith's catalogue, sold for 470 guineas. A portrait of Catrina Hoogh, by Rembrandt, formerly in the collection of Lord de Spencer-a very beautiful picture-most bnlliant yet en- tirely simple and modest in colouring, was bought by Mr. Fairer for 740 guineas.

The Cabaret, by Adrim Ostade-a splendid specimen with many figures-in panel twenty-four by twenty-two inches, engraved by Suderhoef, sold for 890 guineas. A Claude, the well-known landscape which belonged once to Mr. Jeremiah Hurman, " /Eneas with Anchises and Ascanias visiting Helenus at Delos, sold for 850 guineas.