23 JUNE 1860, Page 8


Mr. Getty, several times Mayor of Belfast, has been elected Member for that borough in the room of Mr. Davison, who accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

The agents of the Pope still continue to collect recruits in Ireland. They are now assembled in batches of from 50 to 100 "emigrants," who- superintended by priests move in bodies to the Irish ports, embark for England, and thence take ship for Belgium, proceeding to Italy by the roundabout route of Trieste. Some of those who have arrived send home glowing accounts of their treatment. The following are speci- mens of letters that find their way into the Roman Catholic jour- nals :—

" I must certainly admit, however, that up to the present moment we have been treated as gentlemen—travelling by sea as first-class passengers, by rail as second class, and putting up at the very best hotels, where we al- ways obtained the choicest bill of fare the house could afford. We visited every place of amusemment, and every object worthy of notice, as we passed through England, Belgium, Prussia, Saxony, Westphalia, Bohemia, Austria, and Italy ; in short, everything we wished for that money could procure we had it for asking.' They happened to get into trouble about passports, and were put in prison for three days ; but the writer said :—" In fact, we were never so sorry for anything as at being discharged from custody, as we were very well content with such prison diet as roast fowl, reen peas and a pint of wine for breakfast ; soup and maccaroni, meat 'roast and 'boiled), and a pudding, also washed down with a pint of wine, or dinner ; coffee and bread at seven o'clock ; and supper—a repetition of the breakfast—at ten p.m. We were not at all pleased at being released from such punishment, I can assure you."

Lord Palmerston annually sends out twenty young men and the same number of young women from his Sligo estate to Canada, at his own ex- pense. All their legitimate wants are provided for, not only as far as Quebec, but to the end of their journey. They are selected from the. largest families on the estate. This year's batch went last week.