23 MAY 1840, Page 10


At Cambridge, the numbers at the close of the poll were—

For Sir Alexander Grant For Professor Starkie Majority

At Ludlow—

For Mr. Redfield

Fur Mr. Larpent Majority 745 652 93 201 160 41

sIr.Aice prevented himself on the Ludlow hustings, to inform the electors, iloit r he _Members of the I louse of Commons who most severely censured the bribery •practi:ssi at the former election—Messrs. Wakley, Warburton. Hume, and Hawes—belonged to the Association which had employed Mr. Coppoek and paid him ; for he had never asked for Mr. Coppock's sees ices, s cd Lad declared he would retire if corruption were practised. .Me. Coppoek was now again at Ludlow, but he could not tell who sent him.