23 MAY 1840, Page 9

The last regular packet front the West ',elks brought accounts

front ltemerara to the 20:11 of .Nlareb, bust from a private source we have

been favoured with intelligence front that colon,y ten (lays' later. he Cluiana l'in,fw tl:e 80th March contains extreets of a despatch front

Lord John !tassel! to Governor 1 jell% dated 10th February I s10. '['his

despatch the Cenbniel Secretary theme hut fit te from Mr..INIackin- non, On whose in.,,tion other correspomienee relating to In.inielt Guiana. was produced. It has reference to the settlement of a Civil I.ist for the colony, which Lord John Russell avishes to re s'.ore to the sense amount as in 1831—the enleries of eniciel persons having been reduced in that year. It' a civil list restoring the salaries to their lnrmer amount be granted for the Qeeen's life or for tweaty-one nears, then the Combined (2ourt will be perinitted to exercise a generel contr.:1 over the revenues of the colony, but not otherwise.

On this peoposition the (Ittnitta Tiews comments with severity- " Lord John Iles,e11, the organ of a Cm erament wIlieli conic into office pledged to relrem :anent and eC0110111V, :no:pd.-es, at a time when oar products are found to hay,- ,;...crcased about :Ire certain of still further dimi- nution, to double :luring twenty-one ldng- :.-ears, the anorml emoluments of our

chief puldie oihei us,sous to bring them back to the sole:laid s-ear 1831, a. vear ol siovery. 1:1 retsitil for our as.:ent to thia roopngal. Lord,illit Offelli us first, teil import-duty on goods of un ii Ii origin and manufae: are ; next, per- mission to take inn:n:47:1ms from any places except India cu. Africa, (the places

from which: want them most, and :nun which only we are likely to procure them in. ■eet eliel,ers,) at the public charge. This impart-duty and this per- mission 'his Imrdship mOh fI1:11'011ti.T to IIS 01,1.)• for one y-ear. How one sane man coulul thMla that :my idher orao, not raving mad, would :leet-de to suds a bargain, we ,...doold nod it inipossi'ols: :o diviiie, did we not know t!?e blinding and infat;hdioy; ...ol.ets or tl:e lure if ni.nie.\ of:-..-ery evil. * " !on ! :Ind im.e:sont, were Iraie ::;:oH--t the 'amb::.e,1 Court of Ent year. fir :13 having reduced, or attempted io re■lu:%., the salaries of certain funetinuaries. end the sums set apart for ioluem:onl an.) I-cligiOlISIISCS. Inter Win, the member: is en, vituperated for pruning the s of the Toivn Jailer, and the ft:: ore iannalients oh' parishes, and mcracio, tilt2 I turbs S.;:writrs NV,11, Mr. 'luting is sent home, with h.: full knowiellge of i:11 this. The clerk, who really 5: mks haril, is continued at his old paltry pittance : the Town

Jailer is entirely kit oat et' the question : a !,1 ''rum of' 1,1501. is appro- priated to edneation and religion : the Clergy, like Jailer, are left to the tender mercies of a Combined Cum', exasperat bent on cco-

nun: v nil redaction. But what of that The II,,r-rument Secretaryship has b:1.12,600/. annexed to it, and the Secretary sine to the (71siel*.lostice 600t., and who cares a straw fur turnkey or parson l—tientl.:mm, :1 you wanted ntonev, you might have set aboot the acquisitions of it a little moat Occiitly." The same paper takes from "a Government print" a message or communication from Governor Light to the Combined Court; embra- cing the Civil List question, Immigration, and several others—

The Governor takes this first opportunity which since the arrival of the

Packet has been afforded, to communicate to the Court the decision of her Ma- sesty's Government on several important subjects, which have, almost without exception, recently and frequently occupied the anxious attention of the Court, and, on account of their intimate connexion with the general welfare of the colony at large, have constantly received the Governor's best consideration. " The objections which her Majesty's Government entertained to the appro- priation 0j. lIe pubticiit:uts to Ow payment of the passage-money of immigrants this colony, hove been removed; and the Governor congratulates the Court on the conditional concession of a most important general principle, which it has long been an object of their solicitude to attain. The measures which the Governor adopted to represent the public advantage of immigration, had, happily, been successful, before the petition of the inhabitants, its aid of the wishes of the Court on the subject, Inal been received by her Majesty's Secre- tary of State. " An Immigration bill mill be laid before the Court ; in which unrestricted intercourse, for this object, with all parts of the world, is the rule, whilst even tin; exceptions to it are removable at the will of her Majesty's Secretary of State. " It is, however, necessary that the Court should distinctly know, that the Secretary of State forbids the expectation that he will sanction the introduc- tion of Coolie labourers into British Guiana, or that it will be in his power to meet the hogvs of the Colonists 1?1 an .itoloa: of Africans to any great extent. " In pursuance of the authorits. which the Governor has received, a bill to provide for the expenses of the Civil List of the colony, from and after the ex- piration of the existing ordinance on the subject, cc ill he laid before the Court. " The liquidaCtin sif the claims of the colony to the Parliamentary Relief Grant, the imposition of an import-duty, in compliance with the desire ex- pressed at the last session of the Combined Court, will, no doubt, satisfy that Court that the financial resources of the colony are amply sufficient to defray the proposed new Civil List. Under these circumstance's, the acquiescence of the Combined Court, its the provisions of the Civil List ordinance, is conti- dentlyexpected ; wad then:fore, it is not the Governor's intention that the proposition %this'll her Majesty's Government has sanctioned should be passed into a law, until the Combined Court Anal have assembled.

" The eoaelon ot of a suitak Ceil List, as MssO. lewd by her .11itlesty's Go- veruna tit, is dm pr,limillary and ndbprosable condiroli Me ceoceyion qf the sisesposts resies

tepught to the notice of the ()mit.

"the Governor I 111 the tiespatchu, and ext Cuts of despatches, connected with these suli;eet,, kid on the table of the Court. " The tleivernor desires that the Civil List and Immigration Ordinance be now read is first time ; be printed, and hereafter brought up for discussion, clause by clause, it the time fixed by the roles of the Court. " Express instructions have been communicated to the Executive, to con- sider the I c s hi se the salary of a Gov( riser as fixed, and not open to discussion." Several mure Cenille:111ealieni (In flask Deposits :sud Cerreney, ;Ma .1,1110 5.55 uther subjects. have lueu revolved; bin we ealint.t Make roam rer any Leiters Ibis