23 MAY 1840, Page 11


On the 1:3111 inst., at Pent Cottoge, near Winds. r. T.ittly li.ixteAino, of a son antl heir. On the 14th inst., Lady Itomurr Gitosykrant. of It daughter.

On Out 16th inst., in Callogim Place, Lady Ovicri.rv, a .1 5011.

On the 15th inst., the 1,,Dly of Trotturirr of it daughter.

On the 16th hist., the Lady of the Very Bev. Sir It Sr I tARELEY, Dori.. or o so. On the 19th hist., at Belmont, in the comity it 1Vcitferd, the Lady of t:. IV. LK Lit,

Esq., M.P., of

On the 20111 is!., itt South Street, the Lady of 1•;• WARD STRUTT, of a son. On the 13th itud., it lin,lleigh the Lally of -Major Ii, II. Itmaxseri,

Bengal Army, of a son.

Ott the 151.11 hist., at Epping, the Lady er the Rev. M.A., of a daughter. Ott the 15tIt in-it., at Streatham, the \l'ife of the ltev. NVonnuorsi: Ray nx, of a daughter. Ott tho 19th inst., at Addison Road, Kensington, the Lady id' the BM'. TIIFYRE SMITH, 51.A., of IL the:Otter.

On the 901 ire.t., A Falmouth, the ',tidyIhil.Bombay Medical Service, tir a lilt dues'.


On the 1611i inst., at 'Hampstead I ilturell..1 IVA 110,1NOTWT, second swot' sanniel noAallqIwt, Esq.. or nio....•ed.,e :•,11,11.i.-,1,1:1A, only daughter of the Hight lion. the Lord

tin the 16t11 inst., at b:

eit.i.irg.on, Sir A, ic Ht., Rot., to Easy, Only child nt. John .1ti•lin,

On the 19th :,f Ii parish•tillurri, I c;liox

of the Venerable ' 1,, 1,, daugtoor or the late lic.1.1 Powell. I .• 011 Olt, ;lit IA February. nt the Carieilral. • ..•.:SAY, Deputy Assistant Colniiii,caryAleneral....ni • Ow I too.ml. It:C.iiNey, to Ii.. mirrr ClIAIII.IrrrE, only dittightiir or me La.. IN-. P. Ibirlti II Bennett, tir filo lie gal Civil Sort ice,

On the 12th St. bike's, Niinvitoil, the Ilev. NV/Lid-Y5 •Vist•ING. 01'11'1110

Rector of Kula., to Hi.rANott, WILLpr, itiOLditor Rigood lany.junior, tst., of lilt aril Street.

On the 21,1 it,. , it I. I....or:v.'s, It itinver Square, Lieutenant-Y.1one: PRATT, late

or the Hi`Vcilloclith iS IS'S lull Ititt.r Or HO, tit On the I911. at Frestei,:ne, the Rev. :Th.:nue% IIELIIFF, iir .11,1,st Ii. Cumberland. to :\ I 150 NI all LOA, us itclighter or D. Jannis. or Prestei•oie. On the Pith inst., at Clifton, the WILLIAM W'LLIAME II A., ill.IS iii. tO JANE, Soi,i it il;on;hter of tit,. late Jolsti Yartle Fowites, or Plymouth.


On the 14111 in-t., at his n...itlehee, Ilytle Park Terrace, Sir WILLIAM HOLLAND, late One.f the Barons of her Majesty's C•itirt c!' icier, in ear. On the 170, nt 11rii'In ;ei . acter It tong' Owl ,ire Conitiosnenv N. eve, , , Psi1., one or her )1.t:eoly's .11t'.Bees of The l'em'e, atol I h'Ioet1.- Lieutenant II no• ill, IS of \\*oreviler.

OR the 19,11 hid., at rinral, Sir Ilya oto l'er,vs.ro:, Fart. At his tesidenee, Ii'etro'r Isty,''!, 1:11, Adiostot-neoer.o the eost iii:.:51;;I■ On the 17th ni.t.,1Vii.tiam boy Low Esti„ or Halt, Mill if HI 1110 Couhry ntany years Member ror that comity, in his 72,1 rear. On the 17:1t in-t„ drowned at Etiit, lit IS l'It1Nris, only son or It. S. Stoning'', Esq., of Thurlow !Immo, Clapham, in his 11th y.xtr. On the 7th ited.,itt Carshalton, Mrs. SAHA!' fortner1Y ot. !Mahlon, her loath year. on the 10:h hist., at Nice, Dr. JOON HADIIAM, SOIl OI. Hrori...‘sor Ilatiltant. iti his 3ihl year.