23 MAY 1840, Page 11

EAST INDIA SHIPPING. The etwbar. trot.' Liverpool to chino hos

pot batik leaky. Arrived-At t;rave,:ettd. 1611t, Victoria, Street. t'rom the Cap.': 17th, Aritb, Item :t1,,uritills; 1511, Niataga,ear, t ititlell; 10t1). Anna Maria, Ryan ; Danntle,is, (*.alai', front .Itenot ; and George canning. Winn, from Bouthay; 2!st, Europe, For,ler, from cey101. .,kt Deal, 2001, flifte,11, lt.01,.•rlield; \ --; 111111 .111lidltiL, Rill:Cr, 1.1,1111 "Arallrittlii■; RIIII Is .koli, Tar-hall, from Van Diemen's I.and ; end 2 kt, Ewell t;roi-e, 11nridel, from Mauritius. At Falmouth, 20th, princess Victolia, IUeklLil. IS lllgI HrI110 Start, 20,11, Roby, mI hill, lirom Mauritius. At Corti, 1•til, Dorsey, Lonsdale; and 20t1, Cora, 111.4‘ Obi, front the Cape. At Liverpeol, 15th. Helen Stew:At. !4,,Arart. fro t3 Fhimi N•'w

Rol, front the Cape; and 17th, Heart of Oak. Dauntless, from Mauritius. At St. Helena, Niarelt It1 I. Isabella, Sexton, frail ('eylon; Rich. Mount, 1,0114ti.14e; and

gienorit,,,,11, Worth, uoin ; 'A...lois if li•...tioas, Naylor, from Singapore; Malabar. Dunlop. from Mauritius; it 31st, I•igyptiall, HIWIt(111, front Ceylon. Al Van Diemen's Land, Dee. 7th, Layton, Caddy, front London. Al Chats, Penang, Cumming ; Aden, IN al•Amby ; Gals when, Avery, /*rota Livia pail. Sailed-Psi t Gravesend, May 160, Sarah, Ilawson ; and 17th, Dartmouth, .hteobs, forllonthay. Front Liverpool, 15th, 'Madonna. Milieu, Mr Bombay ; 161h, Thomas Sparkes, Sparties, thr Ileugal ; and Allen lien., Ii keelitmie. for Bombay.