23 MAY 1840, Page 10



The impulse given to the 11fone1--suarket on Saturday last by the financial statement of the Chaneellor of the Exchequer, continued during the early Fat of the creek ; and ou Monday Consols were at 92. Some large sales having been effected at that price, the quantity of Stork thus thrown on the market caused a decline of nearly 6 per cent.; and though the price lea si nue improved ;‘,- per cent. limn the lowest point, it is :still heavy. The demand list' money is greater than it was last week, and the rate of discount may he quoted from it) 1 per cent. higher, while in the Stock Exchange the demand is such that as much as 6 per cent. has been given to-day Mr the loan of money for a few slays. Exchequer Bills gave way yesterday under the operation of this pressure, and the premium declined to 21a. : they are firmer to-day, and are quoted at 21s. and 27s. premium. An extensive forgery has been discovered, by vi Ideli two banleers of Loinbant Street are sorious sufferers. The delinquent,tvlso has hitherto home a first. rate character as a man of business, has been In t.gul;• ciugd2,e.1 a wholes& manufacturer in Lossehm, having three establishments •.:trious parts of the AletropoliS, and two in large: provincial towns. Availing himself of the oppor- tunities for trawl offered by Isis extensive transactions, he has circulated hills drawn upon and purporting to be Recepted by persons in vatiots, cuuntry towns; and as the bills have been all made payable at London banks, I hey were readily discounted by the London capitalists when hearing his °v .'s endorsement, Circumstances, however, occurred Ity whicic the holder of Seine (If the hills ass iisslssccsh tO doubt their validity ; and upon inquiry being made, the whole fraud was disco% crest. It is said that the forged bills thus pot into circulation exceed 2-1,005/1. '11 le following are the periods fixed for closing the books of the various Storks, Ilse dividends upon which become due in July next.

Ti.vot. 101. Cote . C011SeH(11.1.11 Annuitios Throv•a;u1-adsdir Poe cent. slit.° 3d June


rt.r Ceist. Attnuiths, 11:26 JIM issue Ne, I! Auttisitis, 9th June Assustiti.,s for 'Forms or Years ctsisis fish.

Is Sea S■uck tult June

:id June 111? lit 111 :.111

New So11111 Sea

New Smell Sea :1111111'01es, 1731 4411ih, ..1humiec

India Steck 15th July. 4th .1tmo 16th July.

1/Its lislf'- his the Foreign Market, the continued improvement of the French Funds, which are at present at higher prices than they have over been quoted,bas given rs. further impulse to the European Stocks; and the demand for 'Dutch and Danish Bonds has continued. They are consequently both at higher prices than last week ; Dutch Two-and-a-hall per Cents. have been quoted at 5-I!, and Danish Bonds at 80 and SI ; while Russian are at 1142,; and 115. Brazilian Bonds are steady at 751s and 76. The approaching settlement et the dispute between the Fvencli Go-vernment and that of Buenos Ayres bat given rise to a denstsud for the Stork of that republic, and a bargain has been lately effected at 17. Columbian 13onds have risen, and are to-slay at Stii Mexican Bonds are also stt improved quotations ; the advance of she last used being fully- supported. The publication of the decree of the Queen of Portugal, authorizing tht payment of half the dividend that will become due upon the Bonds on the is of January next, and also the payment of the interest HOW due upon flit l)ebentures, gave a momentary impulse to Portuguese Bonds and the Fit, per Cents. were as high as :36i. The market, however, did not long remain a this improvement, and afterwards gave way to 356; at which quotation it ID continued ever since. Spanish Stock has not fluctuated materially ; the extreme prices of tile wee being 28a and 29i. The market has been more than once supported mule the pressure of' Stock thrown upon it, by some extensive purchases, made,' is said, by parties who are now in treaty with the Spanish Government ti a tow; but there have been few other important transactions, and speculation ' these Securities seems to languislt. °There have been considerable fluctuations in the Railway Shares, but the ultimate result of them has been generally to establish the most current varieties at prices higher titan those of last week. To-day, a considerable improve- oat has taken place in Blackwell Shares ; the whole of the unissued shares, amounting to 600, having heen taken at 21. premium. Croydon Shares have sot improved ; a recent decision of a Committee of the House of C0111111011$ Re to the terms upon which the proposed enlargement of the Railway is to be permitted having caused much dissatisfaction among some of the shareholders. Svreannv, TwEivE o'eLocu. There has been but little doing this morning, but the Money-market is rather heavier than yesterday. There have been sellers of Consols for Account at 92i, bat there are now buyers at that price. The heavy Stocks are, how- ever, lower-Reduced Three-and-a-half per Cents. hieing 99Z, and New Three- lad-a-half per Cents. 101h. Tile premium on Exchequer Bills has declined 2s., Adis to-day 238. to 258. premium. In the Foreign Market, there is scarcely say business doing, and prices generally are the same as yesterday. The Rail- way Shares arc without variation: Great Western are 26.t to :47:1; premium ; Birmingham, 86 to tz8 premium ; Blackwall, 2 to 1 premium ; Brighton, 4i; to i discount; and Croydon 11 to 12 per Share. 3 Cr Cent. Consols 1 BelAan 5 per Cents. 1021 31 Onto for Account 421 i' C.Ittmllian 6 per Cents 261 q.

;al t4o

3 per Cent. Redneed 9ig t• IMnish 3 per Cents 31 per Cent. Ditto 991 Dutch 21 per Cents 51;; z•

New 3•1 per Cents.. 'Olt Portilgttese Regency 5 per Ott 351 I

Bank Stock 1761- Ditto 3 per Cents


Exchequer Bills 23 25 pm Hessian 5 per Cents Spanish (Aetive) Italia Stock 25i't. 31 282 1 Brazilian 5 per Cents 751 6