23 MAY 1840, Page 11


NVAR•OFFICE, Mit \ 22.-13th Light litrags.---1,..1. 11. .91Igootl, (lent. to he 1,Irmit, by purchase, vice who retires, 70th Voct -•:1,,,i,t.-Surg. .1. Alaharg ti• Sire Ke11110, doe. ; Assisi. Slug. .1. NV. Chitini,ers. )1.1). feel-1111w Stan', to 1, • Sorg, vice Mallar4. 94.11 Foot--Liout. W. C. Seton it he Capt. liy Baffler, who retires; Ensign It. Brae,. to be Ideal. tv purchase, Vice Stttolt Ii. .1. VIEIRIH, (tont . to osign, Itv purcha-ie, vice Ihnee. Hospital siotr-tt. AttaZa.son, M.D. to be .\ vie.; Charoliern, ap- pointed to the 70th Royal Military A•A•lool-It, II. Byrne, (tont to lie Quartermaster, it hie Brownson. Erratum iu the Ga.:tette of the Siliinstant---('or A-sis ...Surg. l). :M.D, to be Sorg. to Chelsea Hospital, read Assist.•Surg. I). Maelnehlan, Ii, I). to be Physician and Sin.4. to Chelsea I 1,•spilal. OFFICE OF ORoN \ 'AI:ta. 21.-Iteral of (*alit • Hi to he Capt. I•ice Charletnn; ttl,teoth in the Itetirett List t Vir,t tient . it. W. nitwit-ant 10 be SPC01111 eilpt. NOTgall;.Second Ideut, It. I'. ItattcliG to lie First Lieut. vice Bingham.