23 MAY 1840, Page 2

Rumours of disasters in Africa, of a serious quarrel between

the Duke of ORLEANS and Marshal VALLI:E, and of the Duke's speedy Rumours of disasters in Africa, of a serious quarrel between the Duke of ORLEANS and Marshal VALLI:E, and of the Duke's speedy

return to France, continue to be circulated in Paris. The Minis- terial newspapers deny the truth of these reports, but in guarded language ; and the natural question is, why are not the accounts received made public if they are favourable ? That a portion of the army has made a retrograde movement is admitted ; but then,

says the Manitenr, that is only a detachment—the main body is penetrating into the interior of Ann-EL-KADER'S territory. Two steam-boats have arrived at Marseilles front Algiers since the 9th

instant, and not a word from any of the officers engaged in the ex- pedition to their families. Marshal VALau, it is assumed, has intercepted the lirivate communications.

The Comteittee of' the Chamber of Deputies, to whom the question was referred, have decided by a vote of 8 to I, that NAPOLEON'S remains shall be deposited in the church of the mm- 'ides. The Prince DE JOINVILLE'S illness alone postpones the sail- ing of the Favourite corvette, which would receive the body, and of the Belle Pottle frigate, which would act as escort.

The renewal of the charter of the Bank of France is a subject of discussion in the Chamber. The opponents of the Bank demand time for investigating its concerns. They are but a feeble minority. The management of the Government newspapers was noticed a

few days ago in the Chamber by M. GARNput PA.ous, who re- minded M. TRIERS of a promise not to bribe the press. Tionas

acknowledged that Government had purchased one journal—the

Mesdager (les Chambres ; but he gave no bribes to the others. COUSIN, Minister of Public Instruction, said- " One day, a man who was unknown to me, but who I bad heard was one of our most ardent adversaries, came to me and said he was astonished to find himself in my presence. I expressed a reciprocal surprise. He then said that be wanted passports to leave Fiance; and I replied the Government would not prevent him."

" Very extraordinary," said GAtumEn PAGES, "to apply for a passport to the Minister of Public Instruction !" It is said that the Government gave the troublesome gentleman in question a situation in one of the colonies ; and III. COUSIN intimated his de- licate mode of making the application tbr the appointment. In France, the press is openly bought by Government : in England, "subventions" to journalists are more privately managed. ,