23 MAY 1840, Page 9


A great meeting of the mercantile community of Glasgow was held in the Assembly-rooms of that city on the 15th, to petition the Queen and both Houses of Parliament to take measures for preventing the colonization of New Zealand by the French or any other foreign power,

i and for the establishment of British law and authority in those slands. In the absence of the Lord Provost, by is horn the meeting was called, Bailie Mitchell presided. Resolutions, similar in scope to those of the Guildhall meeting in London, but more detailed and of greater strength of expression, were unanimously adopted. The principal speakers were Mr. Alexander Johnston, Lieutenant Matelonnell, (who had lived in New Zealand, and was preparing to return to it wills his family,) Macleod, a well-known leader in the Cleirell of Scotland, and Mr. Ali- son, Sheriff-Depute of Lenarksbire. We have no room for extracts from the speeches; but those delivered by Dr. Macleod and Sheriff Alison were very eloquent and effective, and the feeling excited in the meeting quite enthaelastie. It was re: vi to request the Duke of Wellington to present the petition to the Queen, the Earl of Durham that to the Lords, and Mr. Oswald that to the Commons.