23 SEPTEMBER 1905, Page 1

The French and German Governments are as yet unable to

agree about their respective positions in Morocco. No official details are published, but it is understood that the im- mediate subjects of negotiation in Paris are the right which Germany claims of offering loans to the Sultan, who is in straits for money, and the extent of the right which France claims to organise and command the Moroccan police. It is conceded that France must control on the Algerian frontier; but Germany wishes that the general police, which when the Anglo-French Agreement was signed would, it was understood, be French, should be international. Both subjects ought to be reserved for the European Conference, which, it is unofficially stated, is to meet at Algeciras, near Gibraltar ; but Germany fears to be outvoted in that assemblage, and asks that her " points " should be settled beforehand. The Germans repudiate the idea that they are menacing; but the French suspect that

William IL desires to gratify his people with a visible diplomatic success, and, though they protest that all will go well, they are so much annoyed with the affronts which they expect to their amour propre that diplomatists and financiers are a little uneasy. There will be much delay before the Conference meets, and it is probable that a War party and a Peace party exist in Berlin.