23 SEPTEMBER 1995, Page 30

Sir: I have been meaning to write to con- gratulate

and to thank you for writing 'All you need is life' (17 June). My brothers were born with Down's syndrome in the 1940s. One is now 51; the other died in his 20s. I am deeply opposed to the abortion of handicapped babies. I agree with you when you compare prenatal screening to the eugenics of the Nazi period. This is espe- cially true now, when handicapped children can be aborted right up until birth. Peter Singer takes this a step further (`Killing `Hello, is that the AA? My car's chinking too much petrol.' babies isn't always wrong', 16 September). He suggests infanticide should be allowed until a month after birth, in order to 'detect most cases of severe and irreparable dis- ability'. This indeed is neo-Nazi eugenics.

Margaret Denney

33 Brookfield Lane, Churchdown, Gloucester