24 APRIL 1880, Page 1

The Queen has got real " Queen's weather " for

the forma- tion of her new Government. On Thursday, Lord Hartington went down to Windsor, declining a royal carriage to carry him to the Castle, strolled quietly up from the station, without any of the pomp of the late Administration, and had an interview with the Queen, in which it is believed that he informed her that a Liberal Ministry not headed by Mr. Gladstone would not com- mand the confidence of the country. Whether he succeeded in convincing her Majesty of this or not, we do not know. But on Friday, Lord Granville accompanied him on his second visit to Windsor, when it is to be hoped that some definitive resolve as to the Leader of the new Government was taken. That this resolve will be to entrust it to Mr. Gladstone, and to entrust it to him without imposing any fettering conditions on his policy, we do not doubt. No prudent Minister would accept the responsibility of office, while our Indian affairs are in their present tangle, with his hands tied.