24 APRIL 1880, Page 2

The French Republic appears disposed to imitate the ex- ample

of the American one, and entrust high diplomatic posts to men who have not been regularly trained. The Americans send Mr. Lowell to London, the most important capital with which they have connections, except, perhaps, Berlin, where they have always to defend the rights of their German citizens, and' there they lately sent Mr. Bayard Taylor. The French are now represented at St. Petersburg, where their position is always delicate and difficult, by General Chanzy, a man of importance. but quite outside diplomacy; they are now sending to London M. Mon Say, a man who has been Minister of Finance, but is known in Europe chiefly as a considerable economist ; and they have just appointed M. John Lemoine, editor of the Dgbats, to the Mission at Brussels. That looks like a small appointment, but the French Government. has most difficult questions to settle at Brussels, which is, moreover, a point at 'which French and German views come sharply in collision. This system must rather take the heart out of the Diplomatic Service, but it secures to the Government agents who can observe with fresh eyes, and can see movements and tendencies to which the

regulars " habitually attach too little importance.