24 APRIL 1880, Page 2

The Paris letter in the Times of last Saturday contained

an•. interesting review of the eight French Ambassadors in England sent here between 1870 and 1880, to whom M. Ldon Say, who is just coming here in that capacity, will add a ninth. During M. Thiers's regime, the French Ambassador in London was usually an enemy of the Administration, who was either always dashing off to Paris to vote for the Royalist party, or sulking and intriguing in London on its behalf. During Marshal MacMahon's reign, there was one Ambassador (the- Marquis d'Harcourt) who remained here four years, and who was,. on the whole, a fairly good Ambassador, and at all events an Ambassador, and not a political intriguer in an Ambassador's dis- guise. M. Grevy sent, first, Admiral Pothuau ; and now he has just been superseded by M. de Freycinet's Government, and M. Leon- Say nominated in his place. M. Leon Say ought to be a suc- cess here. He knows England well, and France better; and he- ' knows, best of all, the interests the two countries have in common.