24 APRIL 1880, Page 23

Lecture Notes on Physics. By C. Bird. (Simpkin, Marshall, and

Co.)—Sound, light, heat, magnetism, and electricity are represented in this volume by sets of brief notes, such as the science-master of a school would wish his pupils to set down in their books. An appendix of some seventy pages contains the questions in physics set at the Science and Art examinations between 1867 and 1879. The work is, apparently, exact, and the figures, co-efficients, &c., are in accord with the recent results of scientific inquiry. If the author had given us a little more information than that absolutely necessary to answer the questions proposed in the South Kensington examina- tions, we should have been better pleased. But, after all, this volume is an exceptionally good example of the class of books to which it belongs,—books intended less to teach the subjects they discuss, than to enable students to pass a good examination in them.