24 APRIL 1880, Page 3

M. Tricoupis, the Greek Premier, has addressed a Circular to

the Powers, informing them of the excessive increase of bri- gandage in Thessaly, consequent on the delay which—owing, as we believe, to British secret opposition—has been interposed to the fulfilment of the Treaty of Berlin. According to the reports of the Greek Consuls, there is danger of the whole country being overrun by these bands, twelve of which, with followers num- bering from three to two hundred, are enumerated by name. Every day new murders and abductions are reported, trade is stopped, and the citizens of the towns dare not leave their houses. The brigandage is not checked by the authorities, whose great object, openly avowed, is to throw obstacles in the way of the Commission of Delimitation appointed to sur- render the territory to Greece. It should be observed that the people who are suffering these outrages are not half-savage Arnauts, but as civilised as the people of Cornwall ; that Greece, which has now suppressed brigand- age in her own provinces, would restore order in three months ; and that a decree from the Sultan ceding the territory would at once tranquillise Thessaly. It is upon the Seraglio, not upon local officials, that pressure must be placed ; and all Europe—except England—is willing to place it. Until it has been applied, the Turkish Government will not carry out any of the beneficial clauses of the Treaty, either in Greece or Armenia.