24 APRIL 1880, Page 3

The split among the Home-rulers is becoming more decided. Mr.

Meldon, acting for Mr. Shaw, the Parliamentary leader of the party, called a conference in Dublin for the 27th inst., but Mr. Parnell declined to attend. He did not believe that the composition of the new Government would be settled by that -time—a mistake—and he deprecated the formation of a party outside the " Irish party," which he, with his customary arrog- ance, claims to have kept together thrqughout past Sessions. He accuses the Home-rulers of breaking up the party just as success is visible, and ignores the fact that it is he and his followers who are breaking it up. He has been supported by some nine Members, though others. of his party, such as Mr. F. H. O'Donnell, publicly declare his action "


advised ;" but his opposition appears to have prevented the conference, which will now be held in London, if at all. It is stated that Mr. Parnell has a new plan of land reform to propose, and it is to be carefully noted that it is with this weapon, and not Home-rule, that he proposes to fight. He knows perfectly well that it is tenant-right, and not sepa- ration from England, which the Irish constituencies care about, and desires to compel the moderate Irish Liberals to range themselves under that compulsion beneath his banner. He will fail, because the new Government intends to remedy the only substantial grievance ; but the plan is astute, and its development should be carefully watched.