24 DECEMBER 1921, Page 14



Sia,—In reference to the letter from Field-Marshal Earl Haig, which was published on November 10th by the leading British newspapers, I have pleasure to give further information con- cerning the 300th Remembrance Scheme which he outlined. H.R.H. the Prince of Wales has signified his approval by becoming the patron, and it is hoped that, largely through the medium of the Press. most business houses will incorporate the seal of the 300th Remembrance League on letter headings, &c. The right to use this seal will be granted only to those who subscribe as a minimum one three hundredth part of their income to Earl Haig's Fund to alleviate distress amongst ex- Service men of all ranks.

As the King's Seal signifies that a business house employs a minimum of 5 per cent. disabled men on its staff, so the Prince's Seal denotes that the user " remembers" the fact that his-busi- ness was saved by millions who gave years of perilous service, which necessitated in many cases a loss of position in civil life which has not been regained. The Prince's Seal indicates that the user is paying his quota, and it is, in itself, an appeal to others with whom the firm corresponds to follow a goad example. The originator of the scheme—Mr. Arthur Berkeley, M.I.E.E.—grasped the necessity of securing a permanent annual income for Earl Haig's Fund, and in order to arrive at what could be considered a reasonable quota from each subscriber he based his calculations upon each giving the equivalent of "one day's service." If Sundays and holidays are deducted from the 365 days in the year, 300 working days remain, and the quota becomes one three hundredth part of the subscriber's annual income, e.g., a firm which makes an annual profit of £3,000 gives an annual donation of £10. A specimen of the Seal of the 300th Remembrance League is enclosed and applica- tions for membership or inquiries should be addressed to Capt. W. G. Willcox, Earl Haig's Appeal, 1 Regent Street, London, S.W. 1.—I tun, Sir, &c., W. G. Wnscox, Capt. (Organizing Secretary, Appeal and Publicity Branch). I Regent Street, London, S.W. 1.