24 DECEMBER 1921, Page 26

The Society of Army Historical Research founded last summer is,

we think, destined to have .a successful career. Itsmembership is rapidly growing and the second number of its Journal (Royal United Service Institution) is even more interesting than the first was. Captain C. T. Atkinson has unearthed at the Record Office a full and vivid account, by the Lord Faversham who commanded at Sedgemoor, of Turenne's victory at Entzheim in 1674—a battle in which the future. Duke of Marlborough valiantly led a battalion. It is clear, from this account, that the Royal Scots were not present, contrary to a very old tradition. Captain Mackay Scobie gives a good historical review, with illustrations, of the uniforms of the Highland regiments. Sir Charles Oman recalls a military duel of 1807, in which Major Campbell, of the North British Fusiliers, fighting without seconds, killed Captain Boyd of the same regiment. The major was afterwards tried for murder, convicted and hanged, because George the Third, who hated duelling, insisted on making an example of Campbell.