24 MAY 1940, Page 3

The Week in Parliament

Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes : The scene when the House of Commons reassembled on Tuesday would have been, at any normal time, of absorbing interest. There. sitting side by side in somewhat self-conscious amity, were Ministers who a week or two ago were discharging broadsides at one another from opposite sides of the House. And with them, too, were the most stimulating figures from the back benches, such as Harold Macmillan, Robert Boothby, Richard Law and Dingle Foot, trying not to look too statesmanlike. Yet one had a feeling that the element of drama had passed for the time being from the parliamentary scene. That, of course, was partly and inevitably due to overshadowing events elsewhere. But partly also, it may well be, because Parliament before the recess had performed its immediate task by providing the new administra- tion. The trial matches are over, and the team has been chosen for what is probably the final Test. Now our work is necessarily delegated to that team and above all to its captain, who " through the heat of conflict keeps the law In calmness made, and sees what he foresaw."

• * *