25 JULY 1840, Page 1

A startling an n ouncement appeared ; . esterlay in the 31.ess'es: Pest, that

Lord PAL:us:es:sox had made a change in our reign policy, the effect of which might place tbi., count:y in a warlike attitude towards France. The story, given on the authoyity of " a distinguished correspondent," runs thus Lord STON, 11111(110WII to France, lied signed It compes: witl: Austria, Prussia, and Russia, to dictate terms to the rAcha of Egypt worse than those proposed to him b;•ffire the testae of Nesib; with Which terms if' he comply not after the expiration of I month, the will of the conlbrence is to be enforced ei et Wild It is added, that in taking this step Lord PALMERSTON was OppOECil by all his colleagues, but that lie threatened to resign if his .,vishes were thwarted, and they fethwith succumbed. At the'


view all this appeared so improbable; that the story obtained little credence; but the evasive manner in which Lord PALMERSTON and Lord Jolts RUSSELL replied to the inquiries of Mr. lIumn on the subject in the house of Commons last night, tends strongly to in- crease its currency.