25 JULY 1840, Page 11



The English Stock-market has been subject to much fluctuation, exhibiting alternate appearances of heaviness and activity ; the former the predominating feature, An extensive sale of New Three-amka-half per Cent. Stock by the Broker who usually acts for the Scotch banks, depressed that descriptiou of security on Tuesday nearly 4- per cent.; the price having declined to 99i. Consols at the same time were as low as 91A for Account and 911 for Money. A purchase of 100,000/. at 92 gave an impub3e to the market, and the price has since been as high as 92h, buyers for Account, and 9117, for Money ; while New Threemnd-a-half per Cents. have been as high as 994. Again, prices have, however, given sway; and all the English Funds close to-day at the lowest prices at which they have stood (luring the week. The premium upon Exchequer Bills has experienced a marked decline, and has been to-day quoted as much as 9s, below the highest price of Saturday last ; thus marking a fall from 31s. to 22s. The market was first broken down by an extensive sale by the sumac Broker who sold the New Three-and-a-Half per Cent. Stock; other sales have since been made on behalf of the Bank, by which the price was driven as low as 25s. to 27s., the closing quotation of yesterday. There have been but few purchases to counteract the impression of these operations; and this morn- ing the market was in so feeble a state that the depression of 3a, viz. from 25s. to 22s., was caused by a sale to the extent of 10,000/. only. These sales of Exchequer Bilk arc significant of the attention with which the heads of the monied interest view the prospects of the approaching harvest and the fear with which they regard the possibility of any draw upon the Bank for bullion in consequence of an importation of corn, and are also illustrative of the opinions we last week expressed as to the tendencies of the Money-market during the next six wrecks. Bank Stock has improved; and after being marked during the week at 174 and 1741, is to-day quoted at 175. Indio. Stock has been twice quoted at 255 ; at which price it stands in the 114 of to-day. There has been but little alteration in the prices of the European Conti- nental Stocks; which are without any improvement upon those of last week. We must, however, make an exception in favour of Russian Bonds, which continue in demand, and arc quoted nominally at 110 to 117; being the highest price they have ever yet readied. The attention of those persons interested in Spanish finance has been at- tracted during the last few days by contradictory statements as to the amount of the National Debt of Spain ; and a very formal array of figures has been paraded in the course of the dispute, with which we need not trouble our rerulers. We gather from these voluminous statements, that the Foreign Active Debt varies from 33 to 39 millions, and the internal debt bearing in- terest from 15 to 24 millions. The amount of the Non-consolidated or Pas- sive and Deferred debt is also the subject of dispute : but it appears useless to argue these points when by a reference to the Minister of Finance at Madrid the Committee of the Spanish Bondholders would doubtless obtain correct information. The quarrel between the queen Regent and ESPARTERO, which has been confirmed by an express received to-day, and its accompa- niment, a political ferment in Barcelona, produced a disastrous effect upon the price of the Stock, and the market on Wednesday and yesterday was depressed to 27: it rallied on bath occasions to 27.'2-, but has again given way, and declined to 26a, at which price there were buyers at the dose of business. Au impulse has heen given to Chilian Bonds by the reported arrival of cc.- mittanees for the Dividends ; told the price, which was 38, is now 40 to 42, The other South American Stocks are heavy. A !went arrival from the Brazils, bringing intelligence that the Government at Rio Janeiro had returned to the Imperial Brazilian ;Sibling. Company the amount deposited by them as security for duties upon the produce of the mines, and also consented to a reduction of those imposts, the Shares in this Company, which have long lain dormant, and were nominally at 15/., have improved, and are to-day 18/. to 20/.

The :Railway Shares are all of them dull ; and the current rates of the heavier descriptions are from a to 5/. lower than those of last week, while the lighter varieties may be quoted at a depression of about 1/.


The usual monthly average of the liabilities med assets of the Bank of Eng- land has made its appearance : as compared with the last statement, it exhibits an increase upon every item of Pie tteeount—that of the Circulation being to the extent of 80,000/., of the Deposits lliti,000/.; of the Securities 431,0001., and of the Bullion 95,000/. The discussion nflast night in time llouse of Com- mons upon the Eastern affairs has affected the Stock-market prejudicially, and at one period of the morning Con,eis fur Account were done at 911, being a decline of per cent. upon the rico of hist night. The market has, how- ever, since improved, and is DOW Of 1 for Mossy anti 91i; for Account. The premium upon Exchequer Bills has advanced Is., and is now 23s. to '25s. In the Foreign Market, the decline of f per rent. in the price of Spanish Active Stock in Paris on Thursday, and a confirmation of the reported disturbance at Barcelona, to which we yesterday alluded, has produced a decline in Spanish Bonds, mid these sec'uritie's have been as low as 26 : nit improvement to 2G has since occurred, and the present quotation is 2(i; Columbian Bonds are also lower, and after being at 26, are now 2q. The other Foreign Funds are the same,

3 per Cent. ( Ditto for Account 3 per God. Ite■Iliced 31 per rent. Ilino New 36 per (tents. Batik Stork Exeltequer Bills Italia Stock

li,azilian 5 per Coats

911 92 I 995 100 9111 1 ; 171 5 23 pm.

251!. 5 791 501 , Relehia 5per ('cuts.

(1Mmobia;; 11 per Cents Datii4t 3 per Crams Dolch 21 l er 0.nts in.mcse11,4eocy Sper Os. Ditto 3 ka.r Cents Wis.:jail 5 per (',.Ms Spanish ('(dive)

1054 104 79,E fist 531 351- 231 116 117 201 1