25 JULY 1840, Page 11

The Globe, in that quasi " correspondent" guise which in

the case of other journals it treats with little ceremony, propounds the doctrine that China must be revolutionized by Great Britain, for the benefit of British commerce! Here are extracts-

" What will be the probable results of the rupture between Great Britain and China. * * * It is our own deliberate opinion, collected from a long and anxious reflection upon the subject, that the Chinese Government can never be dealt with in the way of negotiation. It is too proud to admit a foreigner upon a parity of terms, and too false and hypocritical ever to abide by any engagement. It must be displaced, and a now. reasonable government established in its room. China must lie tailed by a Sovereign echo feels that he owes his throne to the ascendancy of Britain ; and this event is not very far ofi:"

The writer concludes with compliments to Lord Palmerston; and the Globe guarantees the speculation as " the product of an intelligent mind, which has possessed the advantage of a residence in the country," and as "stamped with the impress of practical knowledge.