25 JULY 1840, Page 11

Thompson, from NI:turitin ; ;ma Hawk, lin,11. frua Clpe; ;11111 2241,

S.11mtel. Smith. from New SWIM, NYal..s. A; 1,1:,,,m1111, 22,1, 1111,...orali Merchant, Nfoncriel,

from New South \Vales. .N1 Liverpool, 20111, Ar.:yra, from Mmirilios; Bencoolon, Tait. from Cape. Al Helmt, .11111(. 2,1, Eliza Bell, Bell, from

Itlauritins; 6111, :her Semi, from C h China ; !tud, (7allett ; awl 1;a1.1 Grey, Hell, Iron. Bengal ; and 11,1iotwe, Hall, Irmo Bombay. .11111- Cape, May 2,1, Mira-

lault.11,mwles ; Cape Packet, ',mill,: (11..tpe; -P11,11 William Nioney, (;rcen; .N.:Tippitut, Bogen:, Inoli London; and

Inn, YOH...Ian, from hivesussi 5th. Armstrtr 4, nom Newcastle; Lloyds, Green, from (lurk ; 1,rankintnl, 1,it.erpool; Nine, [homy ; Bengal racket,

Steward; 7111, Coromandel, I.olthan ; New 11.111attd, 111:,:c1; Nhoularin, Muddle;

13th Magna-11a, Spence; and 1-1111. City of 14.1olotrzli, Fe:11.•:t, :rout London. At New Solidi \VA lei, twevions to :31411 Glol,e, 11..rlow; .1,a-h. Byte ; Brit:n-1M, Leith; at1,1 from Loudon ; Sherne. Th.unps..11, Inam Newcastle, aud,

Coundo.11, Front C,.•1:. Sailed-1'nm, (Ira July 1711,. Imaina ..f Muscat, Tbiekhroom. for Bengal; 21st, Europe, Cole, tor Bombay; 22(1, Atma Itryat.; :tint

Blackmon', Mr Bengal. l'ront Liverrni, 1811, Jessie Major; awl 111,11, Voo- doo, Burn, for Bengal.


Arrived—At Dartmouth, James, Todd, from Am.tralia. Oil' AUererumbio Robinson, Scott, from ('lino; :trot hdimbm.gh. l'at'eson, front Isensal. At St. lIelena, June 11th, Urania, Noakes, from Bombay; and ((corgi:um, SICOWDS011, from New Soutli Wok's.