25 JULY 1840, Page 5

Title—.% 11111 to provide f . 1 the ('molt sletuld descend

be under the age oft ;glace! issue. e I; ea--(t

'' • ' i -hall .

Pre111111ile—Will'i•LaS yi al l• - to both Ilousz.s of Parliiiii,, i•!. .'., of human lifc ;toil the dirt:, u•..

tiered it ineuntlamt :lion , •.: •• I t'ar- lianient to tainsidi-.. ,,,it in.:, : t• ,,,be

victim 1.1%/1i,i(.111 ili .... 'I', it :III . . .. ity : iind Mat pair .1.:':•,-1:- ,., ,. :. ,,. of

l'alli..1:1,.:It. ill ii. :•• I:: •:. •I • . I "lilt

IlllillIrliril (110 111.1..: :. ...li.l • r,:eit the Securities vilii. ii ino!, .•I .1, mi.

whereas, with the ivii-i i•,....• - !lir

the tendtat ettneern and r•; uorl ,01-

strated for the liapii1.,• . , dud liberties, we have t i's i i a,i. a....t1on,

:Intl belng eitoriiti:_•,1!, what your Atajesly tr:.,, Iii.,,: ,' CI ell I Jill Cd.

tic contriistto ,...-....ti..:• :11 , ,' 0,%-.9* timid dignity of Ow ( . !.: id I, - 1. rights timid libut:1.•• , I .... i. ,.1,.. V.. .. : and

loyal subj., 1.., 11,,. 1. :ais t:-,•1.' it ...meat assembled, do too,: buitiltly 1i. naeted, &e. Clause 1. That ii al the C. , 1 God long

preserve) there sh..i: 1:. 1. • iii• i ,,,ia• :coil be Kin;; or tliteen of 1.,'., r■ :.1. 1 '. •. I,:-. lioyal highness P(nines Alia::: :la ' ' . oardilm, and shall have tic c:,1%, ' :I;' : , I .,:ell issue shall attain the age of ..1.:,1:1,.. .. !L' \ ,.' 1111. Iliilie..j-

i ill), Inikrillg, :old Illill::1:.:i Ill I : alld

his said hloy;t1 Ilighress rrii o,' iwr said

alai. sty shall attain the art,., o. 11111 power awl authority, in the Balite Ill :••.l.'I. I • •I under the style and title of !leg tent of ;Le l.iiii.,, . o t.: I ;:. :cu.]. Ire- ,, laud, to exercise and tolinini-tar, icm.o:.,!'1, 1.•, :1;..1 • •.:•lititi.••,1 tli:Teof, the Royal Power and gort.riiiiint el' I L I - L • ' 1 I L .f t! illt1111L IN. 1,1111- trie, Mill territories to the Crown 11, 1 • 11•,..:1,!.,-. :mil :I `C Mid (•X ri•i'e and

perform all prerogatives, autheritie:, ee.. •- of we:vete; .e.- and administra-

tion of government which lielo.tit to th..• bi.., or (.tai .ro ti... this realm to use, execute' anti perform accoriliee to tl:e lie; s thereof, hat in sash inaimer and subject to such conditions, restrictions, limitations, and regulations, as are here- inafter for that purpose specified, mentioned, and contained. Clause 2. That all acts of royal power, prerogative, government, and ad- ministration of government, of what nature or kind soever, which shall be done or executed during the Regency established by this act, otherwise than by and with the consent of and authority of the said Regent, in the manner and according to the direction of this act set ffirth and prescribed, shall be absolutely null and void to all intents and purposes. Clause 3. That the Regent, before be shall act or enter upon his said (Mice of Regent, shall take the oaths or allegiance and supremacy in the form prescribed and required by an net passed in the list year of the reign of King William and Queen Mary, entitled, " Act tin• abrogating the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance, and appointing other Oaths," and shall also take the Oath of Ab- juration in such manner and form as is set down and prescribed in an Act passed in the sixth year or the reign of King George the Third, entitled, " An Act fin. altering the Oath of Abjuration and the Assurance, and for tunentliug so much of an Act of the seventh year or her late Majesty Queen Anne, entitled, An Act for the Improvement of the Union of the Two Kingdoms,' as after the time therein limited requires the delivery of certain lists and copies therein mentioned to persons indicted of high treason or misprision of trea- son ; " as also the following oaths; that is to say—

Oaths—" I do solemnly promise and swear that I will truly and faithfully execute the office of Regent of tio‘ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, according to an Art of l'arliament made in the fourth year of her Majesty Queen Victoria. entitie,i, • .kit

to provide for the administration of the Government in ea -e the t 'omit should these• ad to any issue of her

Majesty whilst se..h ohall he under the age of eighteen years, and for the care and guardianship or s;;;.it ; ' and that I will administer the govern • meta of' this realm, and or a!I the dominions thereunto belonging, according to the laws, en.toi»s, and stato!es thtlee, and will in all things, to the utmost of my power and ability, consult ;oat maintain the safety, honour, and dignity of Isis or her (as the case shall 'squire) Majesty, and the welfare of his or her (as

the case shall require) people. " So help me God." " I do faithfully premise and sw ear that I will inviolably maintain and pre- serve the settlement of the true Protestant religion, with the Government, disyllable, rights, and privileges of the Church of Scotland, as established by

law. • " Su help me God." 'Which oaths shall be taken before the Privy Council then in being, who are hereby empowered and required to administer the saute, and to enter the same In the Council-hooks.

Clause 4. That it shall not lie lawful fur the King or Queen of this reahn, tor whom a Regent is hereby appointed, to intermarry before his or her age of eighteen yea N, with any per,on whonemever, without the consent, in writing, of the 'Regent, mul the ass. et or both Houses of Parliament previously ob- tained; and every marriage nitiwut such consent and such assent of the two houses of Parliament shall he null and void to all intents and purposes ; and eery per,ton who shall be aetio,4, aiding, abetting, or concerned in obtain- ing, procuring. or bringing ;thou: any such nit:triage, and the person who shall be so marriel to such King t.r Queen under the age or eighteen years, shall be guilty of high t ason, and sit tier and forfeit a: in races or high treason.

Clause h. T1,31 the Itagehl sit not give or Imo power to give the royal assent to any Lill or bills io l'arlitmlant Mr rip changing, or in any re-

spect varying tiom the order al:d CMINe of to the crown of this realm, es the S„:•:l: stands now es. ann. hea by the art of the 12th year of the reign of Kim: ViHiam Ill,. untitled, " An act lbr the firth r Limitation of

the Crown, Liter securing the Lights and Liberties or the Subject," or to

auy act for or altering the tel made iu tlw 1301 year of the reign of

King Chill:. 11., intit tiled " An Act for the Uniformity of Public Prayers and Admini,lro,ion or ttieranients, and other Rites and Ceremonies, and for establishing t e Corm nf making, ordaining, and conseeratimr Bishops, Priests,

and 'Deacons, io the of England," or an act of the fifth year of the reign or Queen Anne, made in Scot lond, intituled. " An Act for securing the Protestant religion and Pre A,y terial, ,:,,vernment." Clause ti. Provided alwa.‘ s, and he it further enactea, that if his said Royal highness Prince Albert shall, at any time after lamming such guardian and Regent, marry a person prole,-'17 t Lc iionmt.i Cat II ol ie religion, or shall cease to reside in or absetit himself (nun ; tt.‘ .iiited King tom or (;reat Britain and Ireland, then and. in either of stilt e:Ises his said Royal Highness shall no longer be guarani', and It r Lut, to;.1 ;A the powers anal authorities which he may have deti%ed under mut I,a lirtue of this act shall henceforth cease and &termitic.