25 JULY 1840, Page 6

A commission of lunacy was opened on Wednesday, at Gray's

Inn Coffeehouse, to inquire into the state of mind of Admiral Sir Ross Donnelly, K.C.B. Evidence was adduced to prove that since October last, when lie had a fit of epilepsy, his mind had been affected, and that lie was incapable of managing himself and his property. A verdict to that effect was given by the Jury. Admiral Donnelly entered the Navy at an early ago, and signalized himself in several naval engagements; and his bravery was extremely prominent while serving on board the Victory, under Lord Howe, in 1794. He was, in 1807, at the storming of Monte Video, where he commanded the Ardent, 64. his late Mbar jesty 'Williams the Fourth rewarded Admiral Donnelly's services by confbrring the honour of knighthood. Ills family consists of six children.