25 JULY 1840, Page 6

Neither the late defeats experienced by the Chartists, nor the

impri, sonment of their leaders and transportation of their chiefs, have broken their spirits or filled them with despair : on the contrary, they are again in the field, and are collecting their scattered forces under the banner of (as they term it) moral and passive resistance. They have already determined upon a Convention being held at Manchester, and hop elected Delegates to sit in it On Wednesday night, they held an open-air meeting on Clerkenwell Green ; when a man named Spur wail chosen to represent the working men of London. They intend forming a society fur securing at the next general election the return of such candidates as are Chartists. In places which return only one Member they will rely upon their own strength ; but where two Members are


returned, they endeavour to join with Whig or Tory party so as

to secure the return of at least one Chartist Member to Parliament. A fund will be immediately raised for defraying the expenses of those elections, Lovett is selected to be one of those candidates. The Lon. thou Chartists are resolved to make a grand display of their strength on the occasion of the dinner to be given to Lovett and Collins, on the 3d of August. Mr. Wakley will preside, and several other Members of Parliament have been invited to attend.—Carrier.

At a meeting of the inhabitailts of St. Georges. in the East, on Thursaav, it was determined to indict the Blackwell Railway Company for a nuisance, it' they did not adopt means to prevent the machinery from making so much noise.