25 JULY 1840, Page 6

t'ilbe „Metropolis.

At a Court of Aldermen, on Tuesday, Alderman Gibbs and Mr. lEarncombe appeared, to give bond for the service of the office of Sheriff of London and Sheriff of Middlesex for the year ensuing. Mr. Gallo- way presented a petition also requesting to enter into the usual bond to take upon himself the office of Sheriff ; contending that Mr. Earn- combe's election is not valid, as he was not at the time of the election eligible for the office. The Court refused to hear any discussion on the subject ; and the petition was ordered " to lie on the table." At a meeting of Middlesex Magistrates on Thursday, to consider the question of the appointment of a Roman Catholic priest to attend the Boman Catholic prisoners in the House of Correction, a motion to that effect was lost, by a majority of 20 ; the numbers being for the mono only 7, and against it 27.