25 JULY 1840, Page 6

Zbe court.

THE Queen and fringe Albert have been entertaining their distin- guished guesis the Duke and Duteltess de Nemours with Court festivi- ties and Londoa. exhibitions. On Monday, a state ball was given at Buckingham Palace; when the Queen danced a Imadrille with the Duke de Nennmrs. They all weot to Wind-.or on Wednesday ; and un the following morning Pt ince Albert and the French Duke amused themselves ju the Great Park with rabbit-shooting,. Lord Melbourne followed the Royal party to Windsor on Wednesday, and returned to town on Thursday.

'Fite First Regiment of Life Cuards, and the battalion of the Rifle Corps stationed at Windsor, were inspected in the Home Park yesterday, in the presence of the Quec n, Prince A theta, and the Duke and Dutchess do Nemours. Afterwards the royal perste ; ages returned to Buckingham Palace, and the Queen had a dinner-party in the evening. The Queen Dowager is paying a round of visits at the mansions of the nobility in the country. On Tuesday. her Majesty was at Belton Ilouse, near Grantham, on a visit to the Earl and Countess of Brown- low. She proceeded on Wednes lay to Ilarewood House, near Leeds, the seat of the Earl of Harewood.

The Princess Augusta is, apparently, in a state of considerable danger ; though alt ledlioins of the physicians have been more favour- able during the latter part of the week. Several members of the Royal Family visited the Princess yesterday.

A banquet was given 1Vednesday, at Holdernesse House, by the Marquis and Marchioness of Londonderry, to the Duke and Datchess of Cambridge and the Princess Augusta of Cambridge,