25 JULY 1840, Page 7

At Chelmsford Assizes, on Tuesday, :1 Mall and his wile,

named Pryke, were tried rmr the murder of a child of the male prisoner by a former wire, by neeieetiag to provide him with sufficient food, warmth, and nourishment, and by beating and ill-using him. There was no evidence tTainst the male prisoner ; and as it dill not appear that the death of the child had keen actually caused by the ill-treatment of the stepmother, she was memitted a the charge of murder, and lbund guilty of an assault ()lily. She was eteiteneed to be imprisoned for twelve months.

Alexander 11PGlachan Smith was tried at York Assizes, on Tuesday, for the murder of a Police-constable, named Duke, at Hudders- field, on the 231 of April. The prisoner, it may remembered, had a

quarrel with a market-gardener about the purchase of a plant which he

insisted on carrying away, and the Police NV:.; caliea to take hint into custody : the prisoner was very violent when taken to the Lock- up, and threatened to " let them see eliat it was to meddle with a Scotehman ": when put into the c.:11, he kicked at the door; and Duke went to tell hint to be quiet: the prktitiet• sprang at hint with au open clasp-knife, ;tad inflicted several severe NV 011:11S on Duke's thiglis

ami body, which c!,,-,.-ed his death shortly : ha :too severely stabbed another Po.ieeman ; and alit r he had clone it :is well as on the following day, he spoke of the murder with triumph, and wished Ito had killed tiity. At the trial, witnesses wire ex:imbed to prove the prkener insane, and that he is suljet to frequeltt tits of epilepsy. The Jury acquitted him on the ground of insanity.

Mr. (leach, an attorney of Pontypool, the son-in-law of Mr. Frost, and his legal advieer at. the trial in January., was taken before the Magistrates of Newport on Wolin:slay, chirped with on the

Newport Bank to the amount of who,e names have been made Ilse of in the forgeriee, :u•,2 :11fas 1:21:11,w1 iierbert, of Hill House, Abergavenoy, a lady of ciinsilcrable property, who is related to the prisonor's wife: and Alr. Edmund AVilliams, a wealthy gentleman, of Maesrediluil. The prisoner Itopt an account at the bank, and the forged promissory rodes and bilk of exchange were paid in by him to the credit of his account. When the bills bec:nne due the forgery was detected. The prisoner was remanded till Monday.

i'clonday night, five men, cavil having crape over his face,

attack:el William Wilkinson, the toll-lutr-keeper Prolliney, Cheshire, whilst ()laming the gate; afterwArds broke open several desks and drawers in his dwellingiMuse, and stole forty sover:,,.is, two guineas, ten pounds in silver, and a